The Application Process

Before applying, please read What You Need to Know.

1. Pre-apply

  • To pre-apply to be included in our Applicant Pool, complete and submit the online pre-application form. The form asks for:

    • your website URL that must include:

      • at least 10 examples of your artwork from the last three years, labeled with date, size, and medium.

      • your statement and resume (include artistic activities with dates: education/training, exhibition history, professional experience, awards, grants, residencies, etc). If your website does not include your resume, statement, and labeled work, please email a separate document to following your form submission.

  • Without the above information your application will be considered incomplete and will not be reviewed.

2. Applicant Pool

Once we receive your pre-application form with all the requested information and your application has been approved by the building’s Artist Membership Committee, you will be notified by email that you have been added to our Applicant Pool.

If a share of stock for a live-work space becomes available for sale, all artists in the Applicant Pool will be notified via email with physical and financial details of the available space as well as the date of an upcoming open house. Governing documents will be provided upon request in advance or at the Open House.

Please note: It is your responsibility to keep us informed of any change in contact information. If we are unable to reach you by email, you will be removed from the applicant pool.

3. Open House

The open house will give applicants an opportunity to view the live/work space and learn more about our building. Access to our governing documents will be provided at the Open House to those interested, as well as list of documents required before the interviews.


Applicants who are interested in buying the share of stock for the live/work space will have to submit the following documents, postmarked within 7 days after the Open House. Only financially approved applicants will be interviewed by the Artist Membership Committee.

  1. Two most recent years income tax returns

  2. Two credit reports with scores (up to 3 pages of each)

  3. Two recent pay stubs, if employed

  4. Two most recent months bank statements showing liquid assets and deposits, if self-employed

  5. Asset and Liability Form based on the Fannie Mae Uniform Residential Mortgage Application Form detailing all additional monthly expenses for which the applicant is liable, including but not limited to credit card debt, alimony, medical expenses, mortgages for other properties, personal loans and car loan payments.

  6. Signed and Notarized Primary Residence Affidavit

The Artist Building Accountant or Management Company will determine the applicant’s debt vs. income ratio and credit-worthiness based on the following:

  1. A credit score of 700 and above will be considered good, and a score of 750 and above will be considered excellent.

  2. Candidates with a ratio of 50% or less of net income (after taxes) required for all monthly expenses will be considered. Monthly membership obligations will include share loan costs, monthly Membership Assessment Fee and Debt Fee and utility expenses.

The Artist Building Accountant or Management Company will review and approve financials to ensure confidentiality. Only financially approved Applicants will be interviewed by the Artist Membership Committee. All will be notified.

Please mail the above documents (postmarked within 7 days after the Open House) to:

Karen Clepper, Treasurer
The Artist Building Cooperative
300 Summer Street, #53
Boston, MA 02210

RE: Membership Application

5. Interviews

Interviews are approximately two weeks after the Open House. The building’s Artist Membership Committee will determine the most qualified candidates based on:

  1. Visual artist qualifications per cooperative by-laws, i.e. the candidate must:

    (a) be a visual artist;
    (b) have a recent body of work, documented by portfolio, film, video, etc.;
    (c) have a demonstrated need for studio space (due either to a desire to own rather than rent, instability of present occupancy, or loss of a studio through displacement); and
    (d) satisfy at least one of the following three criteria:
    (i) have an education in a medium of the arts;
    (ii) have a record of exhibitions or gallery affiliation; or
    (iii) demonstrate with letters of recommendation from individuals recognized in the art community that the applicant is a serious working artist.

  2. Past community volunteer work, participation or advocacy,

  3. Ability to work with others and participate in the cooperative spirit of the Artist Cooperative at 300 Summer Street,

  4. Willingness and capability of serving on committees or the Board of Directors from time to time

  5. Willingness to participate in yearly Fort Point Open Studios,

  6. Abide by the building Bylaws, Proprietary Lease and Residency Agreement, and Rules and Regulations (available at, login password for building documents will be provided upon applicant’s request to

After the interviews, the Artist Membership Committee will recommend the two most qualified candidates to the Cooperative Board. The finalist and runner-up will be notified by the Board Treasurer regarding the next steps.

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