Our Neighborhood

   Photo: Dirk Ahlgrim

The Fort Point Channel area has evolved from its origins as natural tidal marshlands to a bustling, very modern 21st century Boston neighborhood. In the 19th century, the tidelands were filled; bridges, wharves, industrial warehouses, manufacturing businesses and train access were added, and the wool industry dominated this section of South Boston into the mid-20th century. Thereafter, light manufacturing, small business, parking, and maritime uses prevailed, and in the latter part of the century, artists began moving into the majestic brick warehouses, giving much-needed life to many otherwise near-vacant buildings.

In 1980, the Fort Point Arts Community, Inc. of South Boston (FPAC), a non-profit community organization, was founded with the aim, among other things, of promoting the work of member artists, preserving the Fort Point artists community, and insuring the continuance of permanent, affordable studio space in the area.

Since the completion of Boston’s “Big Dig” in the early 21st century, the area has seen a burst of renovations and new construction, including the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, office buildings, hotels, residences, and restaurant and retail offerings.

Grocery stores, public transportation, Logan Airport and Interstates 90 and 93 are all easily accessible.

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A Street Park. Photo: Dirk Ahlgrim